Osório Wind Farm

Operating in Brazil since 1999, the spanish group Elecnor started making significant investing in clean power generation. In 2005, through Enerfín’s brazilian subsidiary, was created Ventos do Sul Energia company, a society with a specific purpose of implanting the first wind farm of a big wind project.

Considering a favorable wind potential associated with good infrastructure conditions and electrical grid connection, Osório was chosen for this project settlement which became known as Osório Wind Farms (Parques Eólicos de Osório). Ever since, was noticed the community identification with the wind theme represented by the adopted slogan: “Osório, the land of good winds”.

In a strictly accomplishment with the contractual commitments signed with Eletrobrás to the Alternative Sources Incentive Program (Programa de Incentivo às Fontes Alternativas - PROINFA), in january 2007, Ventos do Sul Energia started the commercial operation of the first wind project, being recognized, due to its 150 MW of installed capacity, as the biggest wind farm from south hemisphere. In addition, the 2 MW turbines unit power and their advanced technology made this wind farm the first kind in Latin America.

In 2009, 2010 and 2011, the company executed the Osório Wind Farm enlargement through the energy auctions promoted by Federal Government. Currently, the installed capacity reaches 375 MW in operation which understands the Osório and Palmares Wind Farms, both controlled by the Control and Operation Integrated Center in Osório.