Osório is located on the middle coast of Rio Grande do Sul and serves as a waypoint to the population who goes to Brazilian’s south shore. Characterized for being an extraordinary natural wealth, Atlantic Rainforest remnants with more than twenty sweet water ponds region, allows enjoying the peculiar fauna and flora.

Particularly in Osório, it is observed the endemic presence of the northeast wind, affirming the region wind potential and raising it as one of the best in country. During the winter, the power generation also take advantage from the cold front passages, known as Minuano.

In addition to the wind presence in most of the year, Osório has a great logistical condition by facilitating the access and the transport of large components to the turbines construction. The city also has an important connection point to the brazilian interconnected electrical system, allowing the energy flow through the Substation Osório 2 operated by CEEE. The grid supervisions is made by National System Operator Control Center (ONS) in Florianópolis.