Who Are We

Elecnor Group is one of the main independent group in Spain dedicated on developing power generation management, electricity, installation, gas, telecommunications, railways, environmental, water, operation, maintenance and construction projects.

The spanish company Enerfín Sociedad de Energia S.L, Enerfin do Brasil Sociedade de Energia do Brasil matrix's, belongs on its totality to Elecnor Group, supporting the wind projects development through its promotion, financing, building and exploring. Nowadays, the company has many operating wind farms in Spain, Canada and Brazil as well as the development of new projects in Latin Americans and Oceania, offering support to their subsidiaries by passing on knowledge and experience on wind farms developing and exploring.

Through Elecnor do Brasil, Elecnor Concessões Brasil e Enerfin do Brasil Sociedade de Energia, the Group operates in the electric sector, shooting out in constructing and operating electrical energy transmission line, building and operating wind farms, telecommunications infrastructure, information technology and transporting and distributing natural gas.

Osório Wind Farm is formed by four societies engaged on the wind power generation area. The societies are Ventos do Sul Energia, Ventos do Litoral Energia, Ventos da Lagoa Energia and Ventos dos Índios Energia, all controlled by Enerfin Enervento Exterior, holding a 10% stake in CEE-GT and Wobben Windpower (turbines fabricator), respectively.

Occupying an important position of wind generation on brazilian’s scenario, Enerfin reached, by the end of 2014, 375,4 MW installed capacity with the beginning of Parques Eólicos dos Índios 2 e 3 commercial operation.