Wind Energy

Since the end of the 20 century, the energy resources depletion, the vulnerability of large-scale power outages as well as the environmental concern, leaded many countries to a search for a diversified energy matrix, directing researches and investments to a less polluting source of energy.

The wind energy is obtained from the air movement (wind) and it is an inexhaustible, renewable and clean energy source. Its production does not contribute to greenhouse emission gases neither to global warming. Representing a favorable energetic scene, the wind generation helps to minimize the impact caused by the traditional power generation besides not interfering on the usual activities already explored on the area.

The wind energy is the world’s fastest growing alternative energy source because, apart from being a clean energy, it also works as an energy source complement, allowing to save many others. In Rio Grade do Sul case, the wind energy is even more important due to the wind season coincide to the state drought period.