Social Projects

Converging with Group Elecnor actions, Enerfín aims the benefit of wind farm surrounding population through investments in education, sanitation, environment and ecotourism in the communities where the projects are installed. The following initiatives and investments shows the beneficial results for the Osório community:

  • Marcelino and Peixoto lagoons revitalizations project, both located in Osório’s city;
  • New sewage treatment plant project to Osório’s city;
  • Purchase of new waste recycling running machine and themed dumps;
  • City environmental and socioeconomic diagnosis;
  • Resource supply for the construction of a tourist spot and belvedere in Morro da Borussia;
  • Sports promotion and support through the first Wind Race (Corrida dos Ventos), counting with over 300 participants, held in December 2014;
  • Agreement in the educational field for the arrangement of an exclusive space with technological information of the Osório’s Wind Complex, inside the Museum of Science and Technology of the University PUC-RS, Porto Alegre;
  • The Auditorium from the Osório’s Wind Complex construction, used to receive technical visits, seminars promotion and other initiatives of interest to the community of Osório;
  • Dissemination of Information and Visitation Center construction and operation aiming to incite the region tourism.