Visitor Center

The visitor center is a public open area dedicated to disseminating information about Osório Wind Farm, renewable energy generation, environmental preservation and tourist potential. It is a social living area with an environmental and cultural infrastructure development purpose, becoming a reference in the southern shore due to its cultural values, natural beauties and practiced sports.

The center construction was an initiative from Ventos dos Índios Energia S/A through an agreement with Osório’s Municipal City Hall and a partnership of University Center UNICNEC with the public attendance informing about the tourist attractions, the outdoor sports and the material from the wind farm and its clean energy production, promoting the environmental education and preservation.

The visitor center is supported by Ventos dos Índios Energia S/A with other companies from Osório Wind Farm, like Ventos do Sul Energia S/A, Ventos da Lagoa Energia S/A and Ventos do Litoral Energia S/A.

The visits are free. Schedule here.